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Hello. My name is Gerard Neary, or Ged as many friends prefer to call me. I am the principal researcher at Irish Ancestry Research.ancient_maps


Our business was set up after a long period of undertaking genealogy research firstly as a hobby, and then on a part-time commission basis. By word of mouth, the popularity of my Family History reporting services increased sufficiently to permit me to carry out this type of work as a full-time occupation.


I always had a longstanding interest in social history so it was an easy progression for me to utilise my knowledge to research into the lives of forefathers specified by referral, regardless of any fame or notoriety gained by these particular individuals. I discovered that the key to successful ancestry research was (1) knowing where to look for historical documents of interest, and (2) making sense of all the little bits of relevant data uncovered.  I view genealogy as a 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle but the first challenge is finding enough pieces to form a general image of your subjectís life. Sadly some pieces may be lost forever, but our determination to complete the puzzle as best we can is never diminished at Irish Ancestry Research.


Most of my previous career over 25 years involved research into the history and previous uses of designated properties or areas of land throughout the British Isles. In doing this work, I was able to access and collect copies of many historical maps. A combined understanding of recent history and demographic changes to the geography of the developed world can be invaluable in Family History studies.


At Irish Ancestry Research we employ trained assistants to patiently delve into record archives looking for references to your named ancestors and their relatives. We also collaborate with like-minded researchers in strategic locations residing close to genealogy centres worldwide. However, I still insist on personally corresponding with our clients, and I check and oversee the production of family trees and reports. We appreciate that new information revealed about a familyís history can arouse all kinds of emotions. The way that our findings are conveyed and presented to our clients is of the utmost importance at Irish Ancestry Research.


Overall we want our service to be as friendly and informal as you wish to make it. We hope to give you some or all of the answers you are seeking. We want you to learn all about your unique Family History and, most of all, to enjoy the journey of discovery under our guidance.

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