Irish Ancestry Research is a professional yet personal genealogy service dedicated to assisting clients who are attempting to research their family history. The aim is to provide this assistance in both an educational and compassionate manner, whilst recognizing each individual's financial constraints. We undertake research work regardless of the nationality of each ancestor, and regardless of whether they have any Irish connections or not. Initially we offer free appraisals and advice about the likelihood of discovering new information concerning your specified ancestors.

We are based in Dublin and Sligo, so we can readily access genealogy records throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland for any Irish ancestors. However, we also conduct research in other countries primarily via genealogy record databases. For example, we are able to trace ancestors who lived or spent time in the United Kingdom, most of Europe, North America, Argentina, Australia, India, and many other places worldwide. We have strategic alliances with genealogy enthusiasts overseas which enables us to accelerate the retrieval of records and BMD (birth/marriage/death) certificates from non-Irish repositories.

roots_trailQuite often, in order to trace the Irish roots of an overseas family, we have to track the development and movements of each generation within the country of residence. When sufficient background information has been collated, we then attempt to find documentary proof of the date of emigration from Ireland, location of the family homestead in Ireland and supporting BMD records.

We can also provide historical information about the occupancy and ownership of ancestral addresses in Ireland and worldwide. Sometimes this data is the only means of identifying ancestral forefathers where traditional records stocks are incomplete or archives have not survived the ravages of turbulent periods of a nation's history. This is particularly true for many areas of rural Ireland where land ownership records are more complete than civil and parish registers recording an individual's existence through a corresponding period of time.

Finally, we offer to present all the data collected about your family history into a detailed Ancestor Report complete with charts, photos and background documents. These reports can be distributed in electronic format via e-mail or in hard copy by post. Each report is uniquely tailored to suit our client's specific requests by prior agreement with regard to content and cost.

Copies of our Ancestry Reports can make great gifts for members of your family.

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